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Click Here to View is dedicated to providing revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math. Combining educationally sound principles with proprietary technology, offers a unique experience that quickly guides the user to the solutions they need and the products they want. These solutions include assessment, on-demand modular courses that target key math concepts, 24/7 live online tutoring, and expert answers to math questions. In addition to solutions, offers exploratory and recreational introductions to the world of math that will lead to deeper understanding and enjoyment. The range of services, products and solutions offered makes the single source for all math needs. is a division of Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.  K-16  All Primary Subjects for K through Undergraduate. 
Visual Math Learning
Understanding Mathematics
Insight, Concept, and Perception

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Welcome to the Visual Math Learning web site. Visual Math Learning is a free interactive multimedia on-line tutorial for math students. Its first level, Numbers and Arithmetic, is a pre-Algebra course for middle-school age. Unlike traditional textbooks, Visual Math Learning is designed to run on any personal computer with a modern browser. Its user interface is designed to be simple, consisting mostly of push-buttons and objects familiar to casual computer users.

The principal aim of this web site is to provide this new educational tool to parents, teachers, and students who can benefit from it. Access is free and requires no pre-registration or action other than clicking on the links. The tutorial is developed by the author using MacroMedia Flash technology. Visual Math Learning also welcomes participation and partnership with other instructional media organizations and web sites who share our goal of improving math education.

This web site is now, and will always continue to be under development. Since both the site and its featured tutorial are very new, we earnestly invite your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

 K-8 Pre-Algebra
Mathematics Education Resources on the Internet

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This guide is designed primarily for the mathematics educator, whether in the role of teacher or as the student in a college education program. The majority of resources included here focus on primary and secondary education, but many may easily apply to college level. Librarians will also find the databases, reference tools, and the biographic sites helpful. Because the number of Internet sites covering mathematics education is so vast, a guide to the most essential ones is useful. To illustrate this, a search on the Google search engine under "mathematics education" found 218,000 hits and over 2 million sites when searched without the quotes. 

Sections in this guide describe the principal Internet sites in each category that provide high quality information. These resources have been chosen based on currency and depth and breadth of coverage. All selected sites provide their resources freely and, with only two exceptions, are hosted by educational institutions, government offices, or non-profit organizations.

 K-16  All Primary Subjects in the Grade Range. This is a superb guide to many available mathematical resource. While not comprehensive, it is a good place to start, especially for those who have already learned elementary algebra.
Purple Math - Free Alegbra Tutoring.

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Elizabeth Stapel: The primary developer of Purplemath and the author of its lessons is Elizabeth Stapel. Though she now has a master's degree in mathematics, she never would have believed while growing up that she would one day be a math teacher. In grammar school, her two worst subjects were math and phys-ed ("physical education"). For her high-school years, her parents sent her to a religious school where the prevailing philosophy seemed to be that women needed to be married, not educated. (Yes, those kinds of places still exist.) Upon graduation, her parents put her to work at their church and then at their religious business. After five years of barely paying her, her parents finally had no further use for her and allowed her to try college, so she enrolled at the local state school. One of her first classes covered early-high-school algebra.

Ms. Stapel quickly discovered that, though she often found math to be difficult, she had a taste for the subject. She started helping fellow students through the university's tutoring service, later becoming a grader for the math department. While grading homework for many professors' classes, she observed common problems that students have and common mistakes that they make. When she tutored, she again encountered these areas of difficulty, and was able to learn which techniques generally helped the students to succeed. These techniques were often those that Ms. Stapel had used to conquer her own confusion when earlier taking these same classes herself.

As a graduate student, Ms. Stapel worked in various tutoring and teaching capacities, and learned to incorporate her success techniques into her instruction. These are the same tips and techniques that she weaves through her in-class instruction and the Purplemath lessons.

Her basic philosophy regarding algebra is "If I can do this stuff, then so can you!"

 6-9 Elementary Algebra.
Free Mathematics Tutorials, Problems and Worksheets
(with applets)

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 The site includes several java applets to investigate Graphs of Functions, Equations, and Algebra. Topics explored are: equations of line, ellipse, circle, parabola, hyperbola, polynomials; graphs of quadratic, rational, hyperbolic, exponential and logarithmic functions; one-to-one and inverse functions and inverse trigonometric functions; systems of linear equations; determinants and Cramer's rule; inverse matrix and matrix multiplication; vectors, complex numbers, polar equations; absolute value function; slope of a line; angle in trigonometry, unit circle, solutions to trigonometric equations; graph shifting, stretching, compression and reflection. Applets used as Online Math Calculators and Solvers and Online Geometry Calculators and Solvers are also included.

Calculus Tutorials and Problems and Questions with answers on topics such as limits, derivatives, integrals, natural logarithm, runge kutta method in differential equations, the mean value theorem and the use of differentiation and integration rules are also included. Free Calculus Worksheets to Download are included in this website.

Trigonometry Tutorials and Problems for Self Tests on sine, cosine, tangent, secant functions, trigonometric identities and formulas are also included. Free trigonometry worksheets to download are in this site. Interactive Geometry Tutorials and Problems on topics such as reflection across a line, sine and cosine laws, central and inscribed angles, perpendicular bisector, medians and circumcircle of a triangle are also included. Free Geometry Worksheest to Download are also included. Each math topic is explored interactively and graphically through tutorials.

 6-14  Broad Based, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Complex Variables, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Vector Analysis and others. See description.
Calculus.Org Click Here to View  This site provides a huge number of highly detailed resoruces for students studying calculus from beginners level through advanced differential equations, including partial differential equations.   12-16  Excellent for anyone studying or self learning Calculus through undergraduate College level.
 Math Expressions

 Click Here to View is dedicated to bring you online math tutoring using videos, study tips and practice questions. They are tailored to help you understand math better. Have fun!Who's behind name is Wei Chong. I developed and maintains this site. I am very interested in education, software programming, computer animation and internet technology.  6-10

 Broad based middle school and high school level supplemtary math tutorials and resources.