Universal Education for All.  The Dream and The Means. 

"All Humans Deserve an Equal Opportunity for Education"

Dream for a moment if you will of students from the best schools contributing to a universal learning system and earning credits from their teachers by helping to record the lectures of their teachers and professors for distribution through the universal educational system, publishing the class home work assignments, creating lesson plans and entering the quiz data into the system and even in some cases contributing to the software development and acting as mentors to less economically fortunate peers or helping with the setting up of the streaming servers and WEB application computers that will provide this excellent education to kids who's school districts can not afford the materials, teachers and facilities which the wealthy school districts and higher educational institutes can. Modern technology enables us to demonstrate the principal that a single loaf of bread can feed the masses educationally.

Imagine kids in Harlem having the same educational resources as the kids at Beverly Hills High and kids at Junior College having access to the lectures, text books, supplementary information and tutoring from graduate students at MIT, Princeton, Caltech, U.C.L.A. or any contributing schools, corporations or highly educated individuals. The same system could provide the means for students at MIT,  Princeton and the institutions of higher learning  access to the mentorship of the Scientists at Bell Labs, Merck, and other major research and learning organizations.

These ideas allow us to gain just a glimpse of the power that real collaboration, cooperation, sharing and caring enough to make the effort to bring about universal education can bring about.

The one thing that can increase productivity, increase harmony and increase consciousness is making excellent education the standard and not the exception and to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

The Goal

Make the best possible education available to all who are willing to learn by using available resources and devise the system of people and technology that enables everyone contributing, using and developing the system to learn, win and feel they are part of something great, which of course they are and will be.

The Means
Create a Universal Teaching System.

a. Participants: dedicated mentors, supporting technologists, schools, learners, corporations, tutors.

b. Methodology: Mentors connecting with students using the latest collaborative computing and teaching technologies combined with sharing between existing teaching organizations, libraries, corporate mentors and other mentors, including retired professionals, teachers and skilled workers, and as the system evolves, those who become certified masters of skills learned through the system.  

c.  Technique: Allow mentors to work at distance with newly developed neural network based testing to identify learner strengths and weaknesses including but not limited to the best sensory learning modality for each student (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and other, multi-media based learning content and content distribution, adaptive testing coupled with adaptive subject content review and all supported by continual human oversight and access to dedicated and roaming mentors with subject specific expertise to assist and inspire students even when areas of difficulty are encountered in the learning process.  The system will emphasize critical thinking, problem solving and subject mastery without regard to rate of assimilation, economic situation, or prior academic history or lack thereof.  It is available to anyone and everyone and anyone or any organization, with the qualifications to contribute would be encouraged to do so. 

A few of the possible Benefits:

1. This system is “universal” in that it is designed to be both accessible to as many students as possible, including but not limited to students already in school to supplement their formal methods of learning, employees of companies and government to expand their job skills, teachers seeking additional materials and to people of all ages who may not have had the economic, family, or other circumstances to allow them an opportunity to gain a real education.

2.  Provide job seekers who want to learn diverse skills a way to gain high quality access to such skills training , teachers supplemental or in some cases primary curriculum content and that the system provide a means to allow students and other learners to contribute to the system and learn new skills in so doing. 

3.  It is also "universal" in that one of its principal aims is to enable learners to gain subject mastery of selected subjects even if they could not keep up with the normal competitively based academic systems.  It acknowledges the fact that creative genius is not necessarily coupled with high knowledge assimilation rates and that many of our greatest potential geniuses are being wasted because they don't "fit" the mold of "competitive education."

4.  It provides benefits to learners, contributors and society in general, as learners can participate as mentors and tutors within the system, go to work for the educational, corporate and government organizations that participate and or use the system. 

5. The system, with a minimum amount of bootstrap capital, and the endorsement of a few major supporters can start on a small scale, and expand without limit as it is intrinsically a self expanding system as it creates jobs, and grows in intelligence as it creates more and more intelligent participants.  Everyone wins and no feedback goes without contributing to what we learn about how people learn and how to continually learn to teach them better.

I have a good deal more writing dealing with the many challenges of launching this program if anyone has any interest in helping me ramp this dream up.

At this point, this is a dream and there is the strong  intent to take first steps, once I determine what those are.  I am seeking creative input and advice on how best to move from the dream to the first stages of manifestation.  If you are willing to contribute in any way or have advice on how I might best proceed to make this vision a reality, I am asking that you call me or e-mail me.  I would love to know your thoughts, listen to your wisdom, and learn from your experience.   I greatly look forward to learning from you and with you so that so many others can learn with us and teach us. 

Guy F. Duff

Phone: 818-439-5919