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  • This is the Home of the Universal Education Project. We begin here to build the society and systems for bringing High Level Education without Limits to all who are willing to learn. This is about open and equal access to education, training, and providing the means to help human beings help each other, help themselves and help our fragile planet. Whether you come as a learner, a teacher, or a learner who wants to become a teacher, you are welcome. This site is non-denominational and will grow and flourish in proportion to the efforts of all who choose to participate.
  • This is a brief overview of the Dream of Universal Education and a quick discussion of some of the possible means to make high quality and unlimited education available to all. Educational Access for everyone is one of the most important jobs humans need to do to make the changes we will need to survive the next millennium.
  • This is a list of online books which number in the millions and include books on a huge variety of subjects from Mathematics to Magic.
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  • Home Page for Existing Online Tutorials by Subject. Free Tutorials and Learning Resources Available Right Now.
  • This page contains links to Spanish Language Learning Resources